Humbling Place

out sick

I rarely get sick, and I honestly do not remember the last time that I was so incapacitated that I could not leave the house for several days.  Added to this, I am certain that my whole family has never been sick at the same time.  ALL of this changed…recently.

Now I will admit that this is not the reason that I am completing a near-month-hiatus from this blog.  There are other reasons for this, and I will share more in a moment on that point.  It is interesting though that this post of re-entry from both hiatus and illness has found me in quite the humbling place.  Not only did I experience a place of “being lowered,” additionally we as a family felt lowly and helpless, requiring and desiring a way up.  Isn’t that the natural desire when one is found in such a low place?  When things just do not taste right as they once did, don’t we desire a clean palate with enriched taste buds?  When the energy to do tasks that were once menial and mundane fades quicker than normal, don’t we wish for a body reinvigorated by rest and moxie?  I cannot answer for everyone, but as for my family we were each desperate for these things and are now starting to squeal for delight as the streams of mucus are slimming and the coughs and feverish tremors are waning.  We are leaving this humbling place of sickness…but are we leaving it too quickly?

Here is the UNcommon Perspective I would like to return with:  Linger in the humbling place.  No, I do not think it is fun to stay sick for longer than necessary.  In fact I keep reminding my lingering cough that it is remaining much longer than necessary.  What I am saying is that there is a certain humbling that is healthy for our personal growth.  We think we are so invincible that we load our schedules down and boast about how busy we are so we can “one up” our other busy friends.  But when we are in a place of vulnerability, unable to keep up with our overloaded way of life, there is no choice but to take the punch in the gut and be immobile for a season.  This does the trick…for a little bit.  My problem is that I will rebound and return to the way of life that put me in the sick bed and it is just a matter of time before I return to it wondering, “How did this happen?”  This time around, I want to linger in the humbling place so that I will not forget what it is like to be lowered.  My family’s slow healing process is good preventative medicine for another bout such as we have been experiencing.

All this being said, I have discovered some things personally.  The way I use my time must conform to a rhythm of life that is sustainable.  This means I need to be more cautious so that I do not overload myself and thus cause harm to myself, my family, and my church.  This blog has been a wonderful place for growth, but I bit off more than I could chew as I began.  So…after this hiatus I have decided that I will reduce my posts to TWICE (2) a week on consistent days.  Even good practices such as this must fit within the parameters of a sustainable life that births more life.  This UNcommon Perspective has really taught me a lot, and I hope that you too will embrace the tension and linger in the humbling place.


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