Dealing with Delinquency


Depending on how you envision “delinquency” when you read or hear the word, you could be considering several questions for what I mean when I give this post the title of dealing with delinquency.  The word itself is sometimes attributed to young people who commit minor crimes or are less-than-grown-up menaces to society.  Let me clear that I am NOT trying to deal with people who are labeled, “delinquents.”  Instead I would like to focus on the issue of delinquency – which is focused on being behind or overdue – as it is an equal opportunity attribute for people of all ages, creed, and color.  In fact, I find myself personally dealing with delinquency in my life as I have felt a good bit overdue on completing tasks and behind where I would like myself to be.

What is the typical response of a person who is dealing with such delinquency in his or her life?  It seems we find polar opposites:  (1) Get angry, attack, and rush through the tasks that are required in order to literally kill the delinquency in its tracks, or (2) get fearful, shut oneself down, and try to ignore the impending consequences while hoping it will all just go away.  Neither of these yield good results.  The former may satisfy a lifeless checklist but the quality will be poor, and the latter will eventually cause greater consequences for such ignorance that creates bliss-less days sucked dry of any potential joy.  Do these sound promising to you?  If I am honest with you and myself, I am guilty of having committed both of these and more especially the latter most recently.  That is until now…

My wrestling with how to deal with delinquency has led me to what I see as the UNcommon Perspective:  Acknowledge that I am overwhelmed, quietly “stand back” and view what is at stake, seek the wise route for solving the delinquency, and share it with someone else who will keep me accountable.  This is quite methodical and it fits the way my brain needs to work through problems.  For the less O.C.D. persona this will require conquering fear and finding peace in working through the details.  For ALL people considered this is a way to confront the “elephant in the room” of your life with understanding, observance, wisdom, and help.  I mention the accountability aspect because I have found that I need real people helping me in the area that I am failing to help myself!

Dealing with delinquency is no easy task, so we should not feel that we are required to deal alone.  We have to make the initial decision.  That is for sure.  Beyond this we require help:  Accountability from a person who sees the task as worth taking alongside yourself.  Let’s wrestle with this task together!  I am not so sure about “you” or “me,” but I know that WE are capable of tackling this (or these) elephant(s) together.


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