“Secrets, secrets are no fun…”  Have you noticed that the people who say this phrase are the people who are not in the privy itself?  Sure, when someone is on the outside looking in on a secret being shared they automatically feel neglected, and to justify their feelings they add, “…Secrets, secrets hurt someone.”  It sounds to me that this total phrase is nothing more than someone who is crying out to be in on the secret while at the same time seeming to be above such things.  This is the negative perspective of secrets.  On the other side, the positive perspective is the two other people in this scenario who are huddled off to the side enjoying the secret – if they are saying anything at all – while tormenting the one who desperately wants to be let in on the action.

Are we really left with these two options?  Secrets are bad, or secrets are good?  This seems to be a little too “brown and tan” or “black and white,” whichever sounds better to you.  I would like to propose an UNcommon Perspective about secrets:  Secrets are necessary.  While it is true that we rarely – if ever – appreciate being excluded, it is also true that without some inclusion of mystery life loses its’ spice.  I have yet to meet a person during my life journey thus far who prefers a spice-less life.  So it seems that if this perspective holds true we must endure and even embrace the secrets that are necessary for our lives to be lived.

This brings to mind the lyrics* that Stuart Hamblen penned many years ago:

Known only to Him are the great hidden secrets.                                                        

I’ll fear not the darkness when my flame shall dim.    

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.

It’s a secret known only to Him.

Is it too much to say that perhaps God is the author of secrets?  Whether you think secrets are good or bad, are you okay with giving God the credit (or blame) for them being in existence?  I wonder if this might help explain why God is so easily the target of both happiness and anger.  He has a world-full of people who either love or despise secrets because they either feel included or excluded by their existence.  Yet, there is no denying the fact that secrets are necessary because they make life what it is:  A mystery.  Because of this I am resolving to not become distraught over the mysteries that remain as they are, leaving me on the outside looking in, wishing to be included in the secrets they contain.

I suppose there is a matter of trust here.  I am not sure where your trust lies.  Mine allows me to claim these words above in red, being completely blind of the secrets that undergird my life, yet believing they are there and for a purpose.  Is it fun?  Not always.  Does it hurt? Sometimes.  But these feelings do not deter me from the UNcommon Perspective that finds a prerequisite for living life:  Secrets are necessary.  Endure and embrace this concept, and you will find a life that is more complete.

*Even though Elvis recorded “Known Only To Him,” I quite prefer this recording of Hamblen’s song:  Enjoy!



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