image I blame Jonathan Howe


On December 1, 2016 I received the challenge from blogger Jonathan Howe in the form of “Five Reasons You Should Start (or Continue) Blogging in 2017.” [See link]  I have received challenges before in the forms of, “You should start your own business,” or “Have you thought about writing a book?”  Unlike these, the challenge to blog has really forced me to consider the “why’s” of this particular challenge and how myself and others might benefit from the practice.  Here is what I have come up with (so far):

  1. As a person who is acclimating to preaching consistently, the practice and discipline of wrestling with and blogging about subjects will only benefit my need for consistent practice.
  2. I enjoy writing and conversation!  Even more, I love the process of digestion that precedes the final product (this applies to my passion for preaching as well).  I really do believe that this could be a treat for myself, and (I hope) for others like yourself!
  3. In my journey I have noticed that I have a tendency to seek the UNcommon perspective.  This may be a burr in some saddles, but I rather enjoy unearthing “the missing voice” of the conversation that needs to be heard, whether I want to hear it or not.
  4. My genuine desire is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, and this just might be a tool for carrying it out.  That being said, I am not proposing that my voice is better than others…just UNcommon.

So, here is what I am committing to do.  I am going to seek out, digest, and develop a variety of subjects with the purpose of uncovering the UNcommon perspective – “the missing voice” – with the desire to grow in light of it.  My hope would be to offer a full synthesis instead of a one-sided argument, perusing a variety of subjects through the life of this blog that will hopefully give credit to a well-rounded idiom.  All of this should land within my optimistic goal of posting THREE times per week.

Sound interesting?  I’m hoping so!  Please join me for this interesting ride, and mind the burrs!



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